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A Swanky Destination

April 23, 2018


Dolphin Point Villas, where according to Swanky Retreats, the local experience of its owners "brings a personal touch to the resort." This "luxury getaway" shares with its guests a genuine experience even through its decor, which consists of local artist's work. 

Villas’ philosophy, “Get Lost in Paradise, not in a Crowd” is the Siren Song that pulls me to that luxury getaway. Designed for those who want a vacation where family and close friends can get together in tropical bliss while in Key Largo, the heart of the Upper Keys, THE Borguss family’s plan is to operate a resort hotel with the feel of an estate property, surprisingly, with no hidden or extra “resort fees” and that means the kayaks and paddleboards are free for guests. Let’s go!



Swim with Dolphins at Dolphin Point Villas in Key Largo

April 11, 2018


April 11, 2018 – Trips to Discover highlights the "authentic Florida keys experience" you're guaranteed to receive while staying at Dolphin Point Villas. Swimming with the dolphins, an activity which guests have the option of enjoying, is a part of this experience which allows you to get to know and begin to treasure these mammals of the sea. 


Authentic Taste of the Florida Keys

November 3, 2017


Nov. 30, 2017 – Dolphin Point Villas was listed by Forbes as one of the "3 ways to take a vacation within a vacation in Key West." Forbes also mentions Dolphins Point Villas partnership with Prime Luxury Rentals, which gives its guests the opportunity to adventure in the Bahamas on a private yacht. 


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