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4 Qualities You Need In a Destination Wedding Planner

Posted by Sharon Blanco on May 7, 2018

Working with a destination wedding planner is always an incredible idea. However, vetting your wedding planner is a must since you want someone who is experienced to help you plan for your big day. The work of a wedding planner is more than just coordinating your wedding.

He/she must be well-versed with the laws and unique culture of the country you are getting married in. You also want to work with someone who has a great personality and a sense of humor. Ideally, you need to work with someone who will make you feel that everything is under control and on track. Here are the top four qualities you need in a destination wedding planner.

1. Creativity and Patience

Creativity goes beyond thinking about the design and layout of your destination wedding. It is about everything that will happen on your wedding day. Creativity is required for interpersonal dynamics, aesthetics as well as logistics. Every day of a wedding planner’s life demands creativity in different ways.

The wedding planner should also be patient to match the ideals of the couple. He/she must be flexible and highly innovative in offering alternative options to your needs. Patience is an irreplaceable virtue that usually enhances the overall performance of any wedding planner.

Modern couples want their weddings to be an accurate reflection of their inner personalities and meeting such demands can be challenging if the planner isn’t a creative thinker. Being creative means that the wedding planner can gather and uniquely execute ideas to create something magical. Look for a planner who is creative, and he/she will give you something special that will surprise your guests.

2. Attention to Detail and Organization

These two terms are the most common qualities that are associated with good wedding planners. If you have ever been part of a wedding planning committee, then you already know the significance paying attention to every detail. There are lots of things you need to pay attention to while planning a destination wedding and if your preferred destination wedding planner isn’t good at paying attention to detail, then things can spin out of control which will affect you in a great way.

A good wedding planner will always enjoy getting into the thick of things. Unfortunately, there is no any other way around detail; so if you notice that your preferred planner isn't paying close attention to every detail then consider hiring another planner to take over. The person should have precise strategies, processes, and systems to organize your destination wedding in the best possible knowing that it’s the little things that make a significant difference.

Destination Wedding Planner

3. Good Communication Skills and Intuitive

You will spend a considerable amount of time talking to your wedding planner, so he/she needs to be good in communication. An excellent destination wedding planner will be like a personal assistant to you. The person should be able to get the message across and explain what he/she will create for you. He/she should also advise you on things such as current trends and etiquette.

He/she should be versatile and non-discriminatory. The planner is expected to keep up with the changing trends and aspirations of modern couples. Evaluate whether the planner can communicate with different people from all walks of lives irrespective of economic, educational, and gender barriers. The ability to perceive and identify your needs will enable the wedding planner to realize what he/she can offer them.

An experienced wedding should also be intuitive since most of the time you may be unable to explain what you exactly need, or you may know what you want, but you lack words to express it. Professional and experienced wedding planners spend a substantial amount of their time decoding what their clients say or do to broaden their thoughts and apply them to the bigger picture of the wedding. Technically, a wedding planner should be able to read your mind with a lot of ease.

4. Budgeting and Customer Service Skills

A good destination wedding planner should also offer sound financial advice to you as a couple. He/she should be able to come up with a workable budget that will make your ceremony an inexpensive affair. He/she should understand your economic status to recommend a destination wedding package that will comply with both your budgetary capacity and other requirements.

An experienced wedding planner should also be in a position to offer affordable wedding insurance from a reputable insurance company that will cover you against losses, damage, and liability that may happen during your wedding ceremony.

You shouldn’t also overlook the power of quality customer service when choosing your wedding planner. Quality customer service is always at the center of customer experience. Go to a wedding planner who can deliver what he/she promises and is willing to listen to your concerns throughout your wedding planning process. There are no shortcuts to excellent customer service.

A good wedding planner should not only listen to you but also respect you as their client. After all, why should you even consider working with someone who is rude, disrespectful, and unwilling to listen to you as a customer? Being treated with respect and dignity will boost your confidence and give you the strength to go through the heightened emotions and complicated logistics associated with destination wedding planning.

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