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The Ultimate Guide on How to Create Destination Wedding Save-The-Dates

Posted by Sharon Blanco on April 23, 2018

Congratulations! Now you are officially engaged. So, what next? Now is the time to start informing your family and friends about your destination wedding to come. Once your destination wedding plans are underway, it’s the perfect time to share the good news with your guests.

A destination wedding save the date is among the details that take a new level of importance since you are getting married away from home. It is a critical element of your ceremony since it gives your guests a go ahead so that they can start planning their trip, saving money, and so forth.

It is among the very first destination wedding preparation tasks that you will have to tackle since it’s the first way you will let your guests know about the venue and exact date of the wedding. It is also the very first impression that you send, so make sure that you don't mess up. It plays a critical role in setting the tone of what's to come. Here are some great unique ideas to inspire you.

Do I Have to Send the Save the Date Cards?

Most couples don’t know whether to send destination wedding save the dates cards or not. However, it’s an expected courtesy to send these cards since you are getting married away from home. It is the only way you will alert your guests so that they start making travel arrangements and booking hotels. Sending save the date cards is also an exciting way to give your guests an assurance of being part of your wedding. This will also raise the chances of your guests attending your wedding.

When Should I Send My Save the Date Cards?

Typically, it’s good to mail the cards at least six months before your big day or even earlier. You can send the cards even eight months before if you are planning a destination wedding that will require extensive travel arrangements.

Who Should Get the Card?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is; send to every person you are planning to invite to your destination wedding. It’s the primary reason why you need to prepare a comprehensive wedding guest list before you prepare your cards. However, you need to remember the fact that if you send someone a destination wedding save the dates card, you must invite them to your wedding so avoid sending the card to individuals who may not be invited.

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Do the Cards Have to Match My Wedding Theme?

Not necessarily since you may send the cards when you have not yet decided on your wedding theme. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the first things that you need to tackle immediately after your engagement. At this time, you might not have picked your colors yet. However, if you delay sending the cards, you can design them to feature your wedding theme.

Can I Send the Save the Date Message Via Email?

Technology has revolutionized how we interact and communicate, so it's perfectly okay to send the message via email. Be aware of some challenges that may come your way when you decide to use this form of communication.

First, the card may be directed to the recipient's spam folder, or perhaps they no longer use the email that you have. There is also the tangibility challenge. If you send a physical card, chances are, the person will place it somewhere strategic in his/her home or office which will constantly serve as a reminder of the wedding to come.

Some of your guests may also not have email addresses. For instance, you don’t expect your grandmother to have an email address. Technically, a printed card will offer your guests a glimpse of what is to come so using an email to send the save the date message should be your last option.

What Should I Include on the Card?

Since most details of your destination wedding haven’t been finalized, there isn’t much you can include on the card. However, include all the information you already have about the ceremony. As a rule of the thumb, your card should have your names, wedding date, wedding location, and website if you have one, venue and a note indicating that a formal invitation will follow the card soon. You can also use this opportunity to let your guests know the kind of couple you are or showcase your shared interests.

How Do I Address My Save the Dates?

Once you are ready to send your save the dates, you will want to address them. Address them in a similar manner you will address the official invitation cards. If you are inviting a married couple, address as "Mr & Mrs" followed by their last name on the envelope. In case you're inviting someone who is in a serious relationship but not yet married, include both of their names on the envelope but only send it to the post address of the partner you are closest with.

What Type of Save-the-Date Should I Send?

You will have lots of options when it comes to the types of save-the-date that you can send. You will choose between magnets, postcards, and the standard cards. Talk to a designer who will advise you on the best save the date material to use based on your preferences. Request for samples and review the cards before you give an okay for mass production. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly including the name of the venue and the date on the card. You do not want to send a card with the wrong date or misspelled words.

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