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The Best Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Posted by Sharon Blanco on May 14, 2018

There is no better way of welcoming your guests and setting the right mood for your dream wedding than putting together your very own attractive and unique wedding bag. A wedding bag that fits your occasion will make your guests delightful and excited even before your wedding starts.

A small gift for them is a good surprise that will make every attendee feel like a special and appreciated part of your big day. It is also an incredible way to show your appreciation to everyone who has traveled the distance and spent a lot of money to be at your wedding. Here are some of the awesome destination wedding welcome bag ideas.

1. Let Your Welcome Bag Feature Your Destination Theme

First impressions will always matter, and they tend to stick with us for some time. If you want to make your dream wedding welcome bags unique and attractive, be creative while designing the welcome bag itself. Think of your welcome bag as a blank print that you can transform to highlight your wedding theme.

For example, if you are wedding at the beach, design your welcome bag from a colorful and attractive cloth tote that can easily double up as a fantastic beach bag. If you are wedding in a famous city, you can highlight the unique features of the town with a tote that shows a beautiful picture of the city and its amazing skyline.


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2. Write a Welcome Letter

Write a brief welcome letter informing your guests how happy you are that they decided to abandon their work and travel to witness your wedding. Make your message short but sweet. If you are having a small wedding, make the letters personal and handwritten to make your guests feel more special. However, you can type them on your computer and print if your ceremony is large but sign each one with a pen to add that personal touch.

The letter should also introduce the guests to the destination and if possible offer your wedding itinerary to keep your guests up to the date of your wedding activities. You can also include the personal contacts of those who know the details of your wedding such as the bridal party or the wedding planner.


Photography: Elisa Bricker

3. Include Thematic Snacks

Make your guests feel great by offering them a taste of locally made food and drinks. This will serve as a sweet introduction to what they can expect throughout their stay at the destination. However, don't overdo it. Add a few local drinks and snacks to your destination wedding welcome bag. Be sure to include different things that will satisfy different cravings.

For instance, you can add some bagels if your destination is New York or the Blue Mountain Coffee if you are wedding in Jamaica. Greet your guests with a celebratory drink which can be a glass of wine if you are in a country that is known for it. A locally brewed beverage that your guests aren't used to will be enough to kick off the celebration.

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4. Don’t Forget to Include the Paperwork

While the snacks and the drink is the most exciting part of your destination wedding welcome bag, don’t forget the paperwork. As mentioned earlier, you need to include the itinerary of your destination wedding in the bag to provide the guests with a glimpse of what they can expect.

You can make the paperwork detailed to help the guests have everything they need to know at the fingertips. Include details on all locations, dress codes for various events, the pre-wedding photo sessions, and the after-party details. This is also the time you need to inform the guests of the different pick-up and drop-off points for shuttles if you are offering transportation.  You should also add a list of things to do in the area and local maps.

welcomebags-lizziematt-0715_vertPhotography: Max Wanger

5. A Welcome Bag with Weatherproof Essentials

Take hints from the season and stock up your wedding bag with essential items that will help your guests brave the extreme weather elements. For instance, tea bags, hand warmers, and pashminas are a perfect selection for a winter wedding while fans, sunglasses, and a bug spray are good for a summer wedding.

Umbrellas are also another essential item that you shouldn't miss if rainfall is in the forecast. You can get a little creative and fill your welcome bag with a wide range of pampering products such as lip balm to help your guests deal with the chilly temperatures and sunscreen for the hotter days.


Photography: Corbin Gurkin

6. The Hangover Helpers

Why should you offer your guests lots of champagne and leave them to deal with the hangover on their own? Make sure that you also create a unique hangover kit in your destination wedding welcome bag. The package should have fresh water, Alka-Seltzer, and Advil to help your guests deal with the morning-after problems that may prevent them from enjoying the rest of your wedding surprises.

Keep in mind that a hangover isn’t the only emergency that may happen to your guests, so get creative and add a mini sewing kit and a stain remover to your hangover helper kit. Your friend and family will thank you later for the creativity.

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