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10 Hidden Wedding Costs to Watch Out For

Posted by Sharon Blanco on April 16, 2018

Before you walk down the aisle with your lover on your wedding day, you’ll likely plan and budget for months. This is because no matter how you would like to have your wedding, whether with 20 or 400 guests, celebrating this day with the people you love is going to cost you money. Therefore, strictly adhering to your budget is one of the most challenging parts of coming up with a wedding plan – especially due to many hidden wedding costs. However, you can save yourself the headache and heartache by anticipating these 10 hidden wedding costs.

1. Hair and Makeup Trials

You would like to look your best on your wedding day. This means you hire an expert to do your hair and makeup. However, whenever all the eyes are on you, feeling uncomfortable is the last thing you would want. Trying out a number of hair styles and looks will be the right decision. This is a smart idea, but you need to know this does not come for free. While the prices vary among stylists, you can plan for these trials with $150 to $250 (or more) on your trial.

2. Welcome Bag Delivery

You may decide to have goodie bags waiting for your guests living outside town when they get to their hotel rooms. However, in addition to the cost of distributing these welcome bags, you will need to consider the cost of putting these bags together. Some hotels may charge up to $7 for every bag.

3. Gratuity

Your vendor may decide to add a service charge to your final bill. This might be the normal case with bartenders and servers, but it does not take the place of gratuity. Ensure you consult with your vendor to establish whether they will charge any extra gratuity. While it is hard to face another charge, it is way better if you face this fee head-on than to stump on it accidentally.

4. Sound Equipment

You need to ask your band or DJ about what they will need for the event. While your music vendor will come with their equipment, your venue may not allow some sound equipment. You will need to take these factors into consideration when planning for your wedding. Other equipment such as microphones, speakers, and toasts may not be provided by your band, venue or DJ. In this case, you need to find them some other place.

5. Cleanup Costs

A full-service venue does not charge you for cleaning up after the event. However, when you rent a space for the wedding event, you will need to pay for trash removal. You have to check your contracts with your vendor to ensure they have these services.

6. Overtime Fees

If your party keeps going on way past midnight or whenever it is scheduled to end, then prepare to pay extra. If your photographer, event space, or musicians charge hourly, then these charges will rapidly go up.

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7. Bridal Party

Most brides do not consider eating anything during their wedding day. It is usually at the last minute that you will realize the bride, bridesmaids, or the bride’s mom trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast and lunch. It is important to note that full course meals are not a must, but you need to eat proteins and fluids to keep hydrated. You will need to factor in all these expenses.

8. Stationery

Most brides tend to factor in invitation cards and postage stamps, but forget about stationery items. You will most likely prioritize ceremony programs, escort cards as well as menu cards for all the guests. Most people tend to forget about welcome signs, cocktail specialty signs, and directional signage. Ensure you include all these small items. Remember to include table numbers whose pricing may range from $100 to $450.

9. Rentals

Unless you choose an all-inclusive venue, you have to pay for the venue or rentals company. You will have to factor in everything you can imagine. For starters, you will need dishes, silverware, tables, chairs, and linens. You can easily overlook such charges, all you need is to review the contract and check whether your caterer or venue take care of these charges.

10. The ‘Other’

Have you factored in all of the above items in your budget? Good work, you budget-savvy bride! However, every bride needs to set aside around 5% to 15% for “the other” costs. This amount will include the charges when the flower delivery gets stuck in a storm, and you decide to go to the local florist to provide you with local flowers. ‘Other’ includes the price of going to buy 200 candles when the power goes out. ‘Other’ goes out to cater for not inviting your ‘dear friend’ whose invitation apparently ‘got lost’ in the mail.

Having a wedding can prove to be very expensive. Before you decide to enter into any contract, make sure you look at the contract. You need to ask your vendor about the nitty-gritty of the contract, something like delivery, overtime as well as cleanup costs to avoid such expenses that may end up destroying your special day. If you prepare well for the unexpected expenses in future, you will not start scrambling for money at the last minute. All you need is to have your wedding checklist inclusive of all the above wedding costs.

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